One small tool, one giant leap

5 May

Unfortunately, we have to admit that using Cell Phones as learning tools it is not as easy as it sounds.

All the different programs that are taking place using Cell Phones as the primarily tool gave me hope that this will continue.

I like to think that Cell Phones are this “Silver Bullet” that we were looking for to integrate and educate poor people that live in rural and/or isolated areas.

We can think that one of the biggest problems that this technology face is the electricity, but this issue is been addressed, by interesting and successful approaches that keep the Cell Phones working. One of this initiatives is Energy for Opportunity.

I keep believing in the Cell Phone as this fundamental developing tool after reading a study about ABC villages (remember the mliteracy program I mention in a previous post). The researchers discover that the method of teaching made a great difference but the “impact was context dependent.” The good thing is that in the same study researchers found that the students that attend the ABC program classes had better results after 6 month that the ones that have traditional teaching system.

Maybe it is not all about results, but learning how to read and write in a Cell Phone is will expand the horizons of those peoples and will bring them more knowledge, connectivity, maybe money and the opportunity to decide their on their own future.


One Response to “One small tool, one giant leap”

  1. Luqman May 7, 2012 at 3:22 AM #

    Cell phones as a tool, not only to share a conversation between two people, has great potential in development, as you point out in this and previous posts.
    Cell phone penetration continues to increase, particularly in developing countries. Take Brazil, for example, where there are more registered cell numbers than people in the country.
    It’s all about being innovative, as ABC villages have done in using cell phones to promote education.
    Development folk can certainly take ahold of this potential of technologies that people already have, to educate, to build networks, to track information, to promote participation.
    As visionary as the creator might have been, I doubt that they had imagined what a formidable tool the cell phone has and will still become.

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