The Sky’s the limit

30 Apr

And yes we are getting to the end of the project. I hope that this does not end here. I promise that each time that I found a new initiative using Cell Phone as a teaching literacy tool, I will posted on this page. Because we can forget the phone power!

So I want to open your eyes on how mobile technology can be used. As we n¡know Cell Phones are not just used to talk, so for learning is the same.

After learning to read and write using this technology, we have different initiatives that used the Cell Phone to help people that lives in isolated regions.

Some new programs developed are mHealth, mMoney and mAgriculture. As we already know the m is for mobile.

In the first one the Cell Phone is use to teach healthy habits and to keep doctors and patients more connected, especially for those who live in rural areas, far from medical facilities.

The money programs are used to make wire transfers without having to go to the bank.

Last but not least, is the agricultural programs. In Africa most of the people live from selling their crops and animals, with the help of Cell Phones they can know how much is the selling price and/or where is the best market to sell them.

As you can see there are as many initiatives using Cell Phone as ways that we can use it for.

If you are interested on this new and helpful initiatives you should attend or take a look to the Connected Africa Forum 2012


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