All are invited

20 Apr

Learning how to read using a cell phone, when I was in school, mobiles were absolutely prohibited so, this sounds as my ideal class, and nothing makes me more excited that knowing that this is actually happening.

The idea of using cell phones born as a solution to teach isolated communities. Different initiatives had shown us that using mobile technologies to learn is successful. The major beneficiary of this is the people but we do not have to forget that after them, and very near, came the mobile companies.

I do not see nothing wrong on it, furthermore, I will encourage them to take part on this process. Teaching everybody using cell phones is good for the company, while making a big difference in the life of many people.

So this post is to encourage all cell phone companies to try to reach as many as possible “clients” so everybody can have the opportunity to learn how to read and the numbers, and turn this into knowledge to make their lives and the world a better place.

For all of you cell phone companies, here is an example on how Nokia is reaching a public that you are missing…


One Response to “All are invited”

  1. Alex April 30, 2012 at 10:02 PM #

    One of the interesting by-products of the SMS phenomena in Africa is that a lot of business can and does happen in this way. I think you bring up a great point in that the advent of this form of communication will likely propel many illiterate adults to have to learn the basics of writing. Although one could argue that it might lead to a bastardization or slanging of the language, due to having to use word shortening or even symbols, it will drive adult users to learn to read and write in these illiterate parts of the world because there is a real economic incentive to doing so.

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