Never is too late

11 Apr

It looks like I am not too creative with my posts titles. Searching the web I just found a new program of teaching literacy using cell phones and the name is Project ABC Do you remember my post on March 28th?

Anyway I am so happy finding new projects, this one it is named after the acronym of Project Alphabetisation de Base par Cellulaire. The project is developed in Niger and it is specially focus on adult illiterate people.

This project combines in class teaching with a multimedia device that make the sounds of the letters. The students are taught Zarma, the local language were ABC sounds more like: “ah buh tchuh.”

After learning the basics of numbers and letters, groups of four people have to share a cell phone and they can practice the alphabet and what have been taught in the classes.

In this project the cell phone is used more like a homework or reminder tool so people can continue to practice even after class.



One Response to “Never is too late”

  1. Alex May 5, 2012 at 6:03 AM #

    The amazing thing about learning is that if one is economically incentivized…one will do so! I mention this as it seems that in Africa, even illiterate adults who have to use the cell phone to communicate and now even do business, have therefore to learn to use it and to read and write to take advantage of this unique platform. It is never too late! Specially if one is trying to better one’s life and/or doing commerce using the mobile platform.

    It seems that the older ABC students equivalents in places like Nigeria use the mobile to transact business. They are therefore forced if not coopted to have to learn to be somewhat literate to get this done. Hopefully with time, the basic and slang shortcuts used in texting will mean that even older or adult illiterates have another shot at learning to read and write, even if at a rudimentary level.

    Love the picture – showing the lady marveling at this gadget. We should all marvel at it, and what it can do and does for us all! We all take it for granted.

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