Knowledge for success

9 Apr

Sometimes being so enthusiastic about an idea or project, do not let you think if it is the best for your audience or if there exists better things or tools than yours.

I am really enthusiastic about the idea of using cell phones to teach literacy, it is fun, every time more accessible and I think this is just a first step to improve people’s life in more than a way.

I went to the launch of the book “Good Growth and Governance in Africa” and there were some Africa experts together.One of the editors of the book was Joseph Stiglitz and in his remarks he said something that really make me feel proud/relieve with my blog work.

He said that the only thing that Africa really needs is knowledge. Africans understand better than anyone they countries and what is better for them, but they need tools to organize and develop peace and stability to gain this growth and governance that the book talk about.

While I was thinking: “Yes, what a better tool to give them knowledge that teaching them how to write and read!” I am sure that this is one of the basics of the knowledge pyramid.

My only big concern with my project, is the very unnoticed problem with the minerals that are used on the cell phones. If you do not know anything about Conflict Minerals please take a minute and read the article and after that, be sure to support companies that are “Conflict Free“.


2 Responses to “Knowledge for success”

  1. gregviola1 April 20, 2012 at 7:11 PM #

    I think you (and Mr. Stiglitz) are absolutely right that one of the main things Africans need is knowledge, and you are so right that it starts with basics, like how to read and write. As a Peace Corps Volunteer in Africa, I really saw that some knowledge about things like HIV/AIDS, sustainable agriculture, micro-financing, etc. can be taught. But it is much better and, ultimately SUSTAINABLE if they can learn on their own. Rapidly advancing technology, especially the internet and cellphones, make this type of self-learning possible. But basic learning such as literacy skills are needed first.

    I’m glad you were encouraged in your project. Keep going! I think it’s very important and could be important for many, many people who really need help.

    • graciabulnes April 20, 2012 at 7:47 PM #

      Wow Greg thank you for your comment! I can’t agree more with you on the importance of starting with the basics. Also thank you for sharing your experience, it is always good to hear from someone that really work on the field that this initiatives are useful.

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