It is cheaper, so text it!

5 Apr

I imagine having a cell phone for the first time, I think that after turning it on, I will immediately call somebody to let them know that I finally got one.

If voice is the first usage, I understand why some projects are focusing in “only voice” teaching tools through mobile phones.

The mobile technology is growing fast, as this graph shows

The logic indicates that soon cell phones, will be in hands of people that do not know how to read.

As a fact, literacy level on adult people in Senegal is 65% but things are better in South Africa with a 89% (UN Data)

Why do not start developing teaching tools using the voice instead of SMS text?

There is one good reason, texting is cheaper!

A study from  ITU Measuring the Information Society Report shows that in 2008 a minute talk in Senegal cost U$0.21 and a text message was only U$0.05

If we are considering to help the illiterate poor, making them spend less money on learning this is a very good incentive.


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