The fun way

30 Mar

Teaching from the very basic.

I remembered myself when I was learning how to write or read, it did not matter what my teacher did, it was kind of boring.

So I thought that using a cell phone it was a good hook to catch people’s attention, so the tool is a good one but then appears another problem, how can you keep them practicing how to write and read? I think that a couple of text message a day do not work as a way of “improving literacy”

This is how I found m4lit (mobile phone for literacy) or the Yoza Project

Based on the idea that books are fewer than cellphones (or more difficult to access), a story named Kontax was uploaded in South African language. People could make comments, answer polls and write new episodes of this story, all with their cellphones. The initiative was so popular that Kontax now has are several chapters.

A web page was created and more stories were uploaded about different subjects. It “also has a Classics section for public domain content being studied by learners in South Africa, e.g. Romeo and Julie”.

Like the home page said: “like a soapie on your phone” and who does not have fun with a short soapie?


2 Responses to “The fun way”

  1. wew235 April 7, 2012 at 6:15 PM #

    This evolution of technology is amazing. Just like you said in your post, in many countries, cell phones are easier to gain access to than books themselves. While reading your blog, I’ve been trying to form my own opinion on whether or not I think this mobile learning is a good thing. Based on this post and the Kontax story, I don’t see the harm in using a cell phone for great things such as learning. If young people are able to read these stories and communicate through comments and suggestions via mobile phone, what’s the harm in that? Those more conservative who may still see technology as an evil must begin to look at the benefits of access to such devices. I think you can probably compare it to the emergence of the calculator. Sure, students may have been better at doing math problems in their head before the invention of the calculator. But, along with the calculator, has come an unbelievable platform to do more complicated and thought provoking work. This is a great project. Good luck with your blog!

    • graciabulnes April 7, 2012 at 7:03 PM #

      Thanks! I think so too.
      Good parallel with the use of the calculator 🙂

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